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MySQL is an open source relational database management system. This database is commonly used to develop software applications. Database is regarded as the backend of the software that manages the data and information.

Most of the software system is database driven. A Library Management System requires database to keep the record of books, publisher and author details, student records and various other information that is required to keep track of books. Similarly, banking software requires a database to keeps their day to day transaction. Without database, data inserted from software cannot be managed. Thus database is an integral part of software.

It is generally thought that a good knowledge of programming language is enough to develop a software system. Programming language like PHP, Java, .NET is normally required to create the frontend of the system. The application logics are written in one of the programming language but the business logics and data logics are the part of database management system. Before we start coding, we normally create an underlying database architecture and database design of the software application. If the database architecture is not good, if the tables are not normalized, then there are chances that the software may not perform as required. Therefore, a good concept of database along with the concept of programming is required to create a complete database driven application.


The objective of learning MySQL is to familiarize with the concept of relational database, create normalized tables, write efficient SQL statements, and other aspects in managing database applications. People who wants to work as a database administrator can begin with MySQL course to understand database systems.


  • Programmers can join MySQL training to gain knowlege of SQL programming and design normalized database.
  • Web Designers who develops static websites and wants to develop dynamic websites.
  • Any fresh graduate who wants to learn to develop software systems that uses database.
  • Computer graduates who wants to make career as a database administrator.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites to learn MySQL. Anyone who wants to create software application or work as a database administrator can learn MySQL.




  • Introduction to Database Management System
  • Installing MySQL server on Windows
  • Configuring MySQL Server on Windows
  • Upgrading MySQL Server
  • Creating Database, Renaming Database
  • Creating Tables, Renaming Table, Altering Tables, Altering Column Length
  • Data Types of Column
  • Storage Engine of Tables
  • Character Sets and Collations
  • Creating Primary Key with Auto Increment
  • Creating Index and other constraints
  • Creating a Foreign key
  • Concept of Cascading and implementing it
  • Database Backup, Importing and Exporting Databases
    • Creating Database using Queries
    • Creating Table using Queries
    • Alter Table, Rename Table
    • Inserting Data with SQL
    • Updating Data using SQL
    • Deleting Data using SQL
    • Selecting Data using SQL
    • Using Operator like IN, BETWEEN, LIKE, NOT LIKE


Students are assigned tasks to create database architecture of various real time applications. We will verify whether the database developed by students are normalized.

Students who have a good concept of MySQL Database can explore their career in the field of database development, software development, database administrator, etc.

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